Metaphore - Street Programmer Community


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Hello Punk! This time, I will show you a brand new (artistic) community for Code Freestyler in the world. I just create this repository to collect public unconventional methods that are used in everyday professional works. Sometimes we need to do freestyle in some situations and we got a solution without any reason (it's wrong? No, just different from others).

Welcome to SCP (Street Programmer Community)!

We are street programmers that work out of the box in every way of traditional theory and we're not calling a snippet of code but called a Metaphor.

Basically programming language is a bridge to communicate with other people in the world without speaking in their national language, we can collaborate with each other without knowing our national language.

We called our member Punk/Freestyler/Software Freestyle Engineer that create some Metaphors to make this world better.

What is your freestyle today, Punk?