My Unconventional Method


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My Unconventional Method

Did you can build those apps in just one month? - My Head Voice

The first phrase just came out from my unpredictable brain and sent signal via motoric to figure it some "stupid words" from my brain to my finger to write something awful and also answer "yes!" to my boss.

So, what can I do?

That's my completely dumb question!. My boss need S.P.A (Single Page Application)

\> Even if it's not as simple as his want. It's a just my conclusion of our 3 hour meeting and discussing the old app with him.

Web App

My boss have an web app (it's also build by me) build using PHP in past 4 ago using CodeIgniter 3, MySQL, Redis, and jQuery (Yeah, don't laugh! They will kill you...).

This app needs (you should read list below begin with word "More"):

  • Fast Interactivity

  • Fast bla bla bla

  • Fast da da da

  • Fast ba bi bu

  • Fast ya ya ya

  • Fast fast fast

  • and (word begin) fast!

  • (without word begin) Just Fast, that's it!

Tony Hawk No GIF by X Games

So, yeah... your welcome! Finally I decided very very super fast answer; Yes, S.P.A!. and he said; What?!

OK boss, let me explain you what is S.P.A (Single Page Application).

What Is S.P.A (Single Page Application)?

My Presentation Diagram

S.P.A (Single Page Application) is web app that serve only one index.html and one script.js to the client. That's it! and work like our old one! And he said; G E N I U S ! (that's meant, am dumb!).

_But i got $95.88 (Am Indonesian) to build Web App using stack before (on above) with all features he needs. And take a note; "In one month!" (with almost 3 years evaluation and bug-fixes. don't note this, please! But i get paid in every month!)

I Decide to Using ReactJS

But, i don't know anything about ReactJS before! first time experience and for the first time i learn React a lot (Cuz, i will learn something when it's paid! Not for money actually, but for adrenaline, and that's bnllsh*t!) and i love so much and falling in love with JavaScript! Thanks boss!

I do it what i said before; "Rebuilding web app! That meant migrate from PHP to JavaScript in ONE (FVCK!N) MONTH, damn it!"

I do with my Street Freestyle Programmer with many unconventional method. Yes! Am street programmer.

React Native

And he also need more mobile app that can be used to his employee to work more efficient with that apps and he can monitoring it from other place in his hand.

I said: Yes, of course! Anything what you said my boss.

Again, I do with no experience at all about react native and mobile development nowadays! But, thanks for react native and Expo Dev with beautiful well documented. So I feel read a romantic novel with their flow of conflict and no ending twist!

I do with my Street Freestyle Programmer with many unconventional method. Yes! Am street programmer.


ReactJS App and React Native App also need API to provide any services that application needed. So... boss, excuse me?! We need also build those 3 Apps?!

What he said (you also know it then)?

๐Ÿ˜Ž : Of course my son, we need those 3 Apps. ๐Ÿคค : in 1 month? ๐Ÿ˜Ž: Yes, in 1 month (30 days or in 730.001 hours or in 43800.060001213 minutes or in 2628003.6000727801584 seconds or in 2628003600072.7802734 microseconds or in 2628003600072780 nanosecond as Google Said) ๐Ÿคค: Sure! I will do my superb best freestyle!!!

Plot Twist

Oh boy... I build those 3 Apps in 1 month A L O N E with just 1 Lenovo ThinkPad X220, HDD, 12 GB of RAM, 1 headset, 1 Linux Distro, and one day... I will be Tony Hawk!

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